GainSpan Releases GS2200M Starter Kit Board for the IoT

Newest platform offers unparalleled ease of use and rapid development

San Jose, CA. – Dec. 13, 2016 - GainSpan® Corporation, a leader in wireless connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces a new Starter Kit Board utilizing the GS2200MIZ Wi-Fi mini module that is the smallest module in its class—as small as a penny—while still providing high performance, industry-leading application resources and battery life.

The GS2200M Starter Kit Board (SKB) is an easy to use evaluation and development platform for GS2200Mxx-based designs. It is equipped with Arduino™ (host or shield) and Pmod™ compatible (host or peripheral) connectors to support solderless prototyping. The SKB is configurable to operate as either a host or shield/peripheral and is Apple® HomeKit™ compatible.

"The SKB is a compact, feature rich development platform designed to provide unparalleled use of use and rapid product development," says GainSpan VP of Marketing Brent Little.

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GainSpan Announces Low-Power, Apple HomeKit Reference Design for Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Home Accessories

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